Off Peak Rates

At the times when there is no a lot of people, we offer the special prices and rates. During off-peak time, the rates are a bit lower than usually. Our goal is to attract people and offer those who are not fans of rush and massive gatherings a nice price so they could enjoy their time. Note that these rates are available only during the time when there is no rush and a lot of people, not the whole time.

9am to 7pm weekdays & before noon at weekends (not Bank Holidays).
Adults £3.70 per game
Juniors & OAP’s £3.10 per game.

Peak Rates

7pm to midnight, after noon at weekends & all day on Bank Holidays.

  • £4.60 one game
  • £9.20 two games
  • £11.70 three games
  • Juniors & OAP’s
  • £3.60 one game
  • £7.20 two games
  • £9.70 three games

Shoe hire is available for the people who do not have their own bowling shoes. Free of charge.

League Bowlers are entitled to 10% Discount off the bowling tariff. If you are in the league, we kindly ask you to show your pass so you could get the discount for your staying! In addition they also enjoy 10% discount on food & beverage from our snack bar & bar.

This includes the special beverages and food on request. The discount is applied only if you have the league pass so make sure you have yours on you. If you cannot show it and present it, the discount will not be applied! We have Leagues running on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.

The games are part of the league and you can qualify your team to participate in the league. Each season, we have the special prizes and tournaments for the best teams! For further League bowling information please complete the Information Request form or enquire at Kingpin reception. All the information and the details you would need will receive from our receptionist.

Kingpin Bowling Centre

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