We are proud to say that we are offering the amazingly generous prices! While we are trying to offer the same prices as our competitors, we also try to give you the better prices to attract more people to come to our place. Considering our space, equipment, food, beverages and the general environment, we think we are definitely in the first three places when it comes to bowling. Check out our offer and see what prices we do offer!

Cosmic Lanes

Are you fan of the cosmic lanes? Want to engage in the futuristic bowling battles? This lane is for all who like a modern technology and look!

Traditional Lanes

Want to feel traditional? No problem as we offer the traditional lanes with authentic design for all those who like the old-school!

NOTE: The prices for traditional and cosmic lanes are the same!

Off-peak rates

We offer good off-peak rates, both for adults and children! Enjoy bowling during the time when there is no crowd! Every weekday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as bank holidays, from 10AM to 6PM, you pay only 4.50 GBP per game (adults) and 3.75 GBP per game (children)! The price for 6 people is 20 GBP per hour!

Peak rates

Every day, including holidays and weekends, after 6PM, adults pay 6 GBP for a game and 10 GBP for two games. Also, children pay 4.50 GBP per game, while they pay 8 GBP for two games.

Unlimited rates

Every single day, regardless of the type of lane, you can pay 12 GBP if you are adult, or 10 GBP if you are under 18 or a student!