Regular Leagues

The regular leagues are held every year in the several age-groups. From the young leagues where the contesters are 18 years old at most, to the professional leagues where the age does not matter! You can become a part of any league as long as you fulfill several requirements!

To find out more, contact us through email, putting in the subject “League appliance” or visiting us at our location. The reception will give you the directions and the guidance! Alternatively, you can call Rupert Marlowe on the number written below and find out more information on this subject. To book your place on one of our regular leagues or to find out more about the procedure, call Rupert Marlowe at Kingpin on 01473 611111.

Young league 6-12

The young league offers the possibility to young bowlers to enjoy in the tournaments and the official awards prepared by us! The kids must not be younger than 6 or older than 12 to apply for this league.

The Medium League 12-18

For all that are older than 12 and not older than 18, we have prepared a league where they compete with the colleagues from all around the state! The super-prizes and tournament trophies are given to the best teams!

The Professional Bowling League

The PBL hosts up to 50 teams and the tournament schedule is determined at the beginning of every season. You can participate in this league as a player as long as you are not younger than 18 and as long as you can pick up the ball and bowl!